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NO REFUNDS : There is no refund if you cancel your reservation, you will receive a one time credit for future use on a rental depending on availability on your new rental reservation that never expires. When you use your future rental and you reserve it in a holiday or high demand period you will be required to pay the difference in rates. All rental reservations require the total deposit which is the estimated full rental payment, taxes and extras and deposit to be paid in full at time of reservation. If you return your rental vehicle early there is no refund or credit for the unused days. Our rentals are not allowed out of the United States except for Canada.  All rentals must be returned to the rental location in Syracuse, New York. Mileage is included with the rental for our 7, 12 & 15 seat passenger vans. All other rentals include 100 miles per day, plus 30 cents charge per mile over excluding our Mercedes which are $2.50 per mile over 100 miles per day. Rentals are based on a 24 hour day.  All rates quoted are for 25 years old and over. All renters must be 18 years old and have a valid drivers license. All additional drivers must be 21 years old and have a valid drivers license. There is a $3.00 charge per day per additional driver, spouse is no additional charge. Total deposit includes total rental charges including taxes and extras plus $100.00 deposit or more, excluding minivans, luxury cars, Mercedes, 12 or 15 seater vans which is higher. Deposit balances will be refunded within 20 business days to the credit card, debit card that was used for the rental. If payment was in cash your deposit balance will be refunded by check by mail. Fuel charges are $5.99 per gallon. Late return is $40.00 per hour over return time, excluding 12 and 15 seater vans and Mercedes which is $200.00 per hour. Age rental surcharge is $99.99 per day for ages 18-20, $79.99 per day for ages 21-24. Under 25 can only rent our compact, intermediate, standard vehicle class. CDW (collision damage waver) is $9.00-$12.00 per day depending on the vehicle and availability. Cargo carriers attached to our trailer hitch is available on the 15 seat passenger vans with 500 lb. weight capacity is available for $59.99 per day. You can also use our trailer hitches that are factory installed on our vans for your own cargo carrier for $ 39.99 per day. The fee to use our trailer hitch to tow a small trailer is  $ 99.99 per day additional fee. GPS charge is $ 19.99 per day. All car seats are $19.99 per day per seat. New York State car rental sales tax is 14%. Passenger seating specifications includes the driver. NEW YORK STATE LAW REQUIRES ALL CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF EIGHT TO BE RESTRAINED IN A FEDERALLY APPROVED CHILD RESTRAINT SYSTEM. New York State law prohibits the following practices by rental companies based upon race, color, ethnic origin, religion, disability, sex,marital status, or age: (1) refusal to rent (2) the imposition of any additional charge (except in certain instances where the renter is under the age of 25). In addition, it is unlawful for a rental vehicle company to refuse to rent a vehicle to any person solely on the requirement of ownership of a credit card. There is NO SMOKING in any of our rentals. (There is a $650.00 or more smoke cleaning charge.) See our rental contract for our additional terms and conditions. All rentals must be returned in the same clean condition inside and out.  We accept credit cards, debit card and prepaid cards or cash. All payment forms must be in U.S. currency. For more information call 315-466-1651.