We specialize in 12 & 15-seat passenger van rentals,

Call 315-466-1651.

( ​A )   Rated by the Better Business Bureau.

Corporate Offices

Lucien's International Inc.

408 South Main Street​

North Syracuse, New York 13212 

Located in Lucien's Plaza

(315) 466-1651


Comments from our customers;

Ronald H.

Great service, Thank you.

Brian C.

Thank you, the van was great.

David F.

Thank you very much, i will def. be contacting you again.

Michele H.

Thank you,

thank you for making the renting process so easy. Will definitely be in contact for any needs in the future. Have a great day.

Joan J.

Thank you .

Lisa S.

Thank you!

We had a great time and will definitely

keep you in mind for any future trips!

Stephan H.

Thank you.

Heather B.

Thank you.

Laurie G.

Thank you...We really enjoyed doing

business with you!

Brittany N.

Thank you.

Shandreka J.

Thank you.

Tricia C.

Thank you so much!

Holly S.

Thank you!

Fran S.

Thank you. I will be back and send anyone i know to you as well.

Josh B.

Had an amazing experience. I will be placing my business here from now on.

Eileen P.

Great Thank you, we will give a great review.

Jill B.

Thank you...

Hoang T.


Peter C.

Thanks! It was a nice vehicle for the long trip.

Lorne R.

Thanks, we really appreciated everything and will definitely be back.

Caleb S.

Thank you! I'll be doing business with you again in the future! It worked out great, thanks.

Joshua C.

Thank you.

Mark F.

I'll definitely consider doing

business with you again in

the future.

Frank F.

Thanks. Like the terminator,

I'll be back!

Timothy B.

Thank you. So easy to do business with you. Will look you up again next year.

Chris S.

I never thanked you for the great service on the Ford Transit. Thank you!

Samantha K.

Thank you so much! The van was perfect. We won't hesitate to rent

from you again.

Katherine B.

Thank you!

Edward R.

It worked out great. Will do it again. 


Joel H.

Thank you.

Emily W.

Thank you!

Michelle B.

Thank you.

Kyle B.

Perfect. Thanks!

Vanessa A.

The van was wonderful and

i thank you!!

Geoffrey P.

Thank you.

Michael E.

Thank you very much sir!

Sreenivasvlu K.

Thank you.

Jason P.

Thanks again.

John F.

Thank you very much.

David H.

Thank you for all your


Brenda A.

Excellent, thank you!

Jason R.

Thank you.

Joan J.

Thank you.

Jeffery F.

Thank you.

Michael W.

Thank you .... I"ll be calling next year...

Shawn E.

Thank you.

Donald M.

Thank You.

Kayla W.

Thank you.

Leigh B.

Thank you Lucien!!

Jeffrey S.

Thank you!

Linda W.

Excellent! We loved the van!

John C.

Your welcome, see you again.

Shantia Y.

Thank you.

Caitlin R.

Thank you!

William M.

Thank you.

Christopher M.


Nicole K.

Thank you!

Scott L.

Thanks again. We will keep you in mind 

for future trip. Scott.

John A.

Thank you, first class service.

Carmen S.

Thank you.

Mary Beth P.

A very professional company, thanks again.

Susan K.

The van was perfect, thank you

so much!

Anthony F.

We were very pleased and will be renting again in the fall, thank you, Anthony.

Sara M.

The two vans were awesome, thanks.

Christine M.

Our trip was perfect, thanks again.

Edward T.

Thank you very much i appreciate the rental and i will keep you in mind for future uses.

Ryan D.

Thank you.

Patricia H.

Thank you.

Rodney D.

Thank you.

Lynn P.

Thank you.

Jessica B

Thank you

Kassidy H.

Great!! Thanks

Shandreka J.

Thank you so much 4 everything.

Alicia P.


Tracy S.

Thank you.

Hugh W.

Thank you and it was a nice van.

Fred M.

Thank you for everything. The vans worked out great!

Marquita H.

Thank you, I'll be calling soon.

John L.


George M.

Thank you.

Sean D.

Great! Thank you!

Mary Jane N.


Eric P.

Thanks very much.

Julie C.

Thank you.

Vickie B

Thank you so much!!!!

Michelle D.

Hello, Thank you so much,

we will be back!!

Frank P.

Thank you!!! I appreciate everything.

Joanne J.

Thank you so much.

Handled excellent and everyone was comfortable.

Kevin W.

Thank you.

Hannah G.


Trudy R.

Thank you.

Connor B.


Darnell D.

Thank you, sir. We look forward to seeing you next time we visit New York, and will recommend your clean fleet to anyone who we know will be traveling there.

Mark F.

Thank you so much. I totally didn't think

about it after just a long weekend . That's why we love doing business with you guys!!!

John B.

Thank you Lucien for a excellent


Carlos T.

Great, thank you for helping us out!! We look forward to using your services over the summer.

Matthew V.

Thank you again!

Appreciate it!

Michael M.

Thank you - very nice van.

Lettie H.

Great customer service!

Kerrie R.

Thank you.

Mark K.

Thank you very much.

Donald C.

Thanks Lucien, have a good day.

Wayne C.

Thanks Lucien for your rental service, our first time was a nice experience with your organization. Will spread the word!

William C.

Thanks , nice van. I will get you more business in the future!

Amanda D.

Thank you.

Wendy I.

Thank you. I will definitely recommend your services or use them again if i need it.

Timothy B.

Excellent. Thank you.

John M.

Thanks again. We were very pleased with the van and will be renting again.

Robert R.


Frank D.

Ok, thanks for the great customer service.

Chet M.

Thank you! If i ever need another van I'll

be sure to come to you.

Jason G.

Thank you.

Kari S.

Thank you again for the excellent service! I greatly appreciate it.

Karen W.

Thank you very much.

Sally F.

Thank you, take care of your self and thanks again.

Margaret D.

Thank you so much! The van was wonderful!

Mark P.

Thank you, had a great time. I will be using your company in the future.

Lori B.

We all had a great time!! Thank you so

much!! We will be calling again in the future for sure!!

Mark T.

Thank you, everything went well for the

evening and all were happy and home safe thanks to your service, thanks again.

Adam D.

Thank you. Very nice vehicle and a pleasure doing business with you.

Susan M.

Thank you. We had a great time.

Seth W.

Thank you, see you next year.

Matthew D.

Thank you. You will get us as repeat business! That van was great.

Linda F.

Thank you very much.

Marie R.

Thank you! It was a pleasure.

Patty G.


Richard K.

Thanks. I will definitely use your services again in the future. Great vehicles!

William C.

Thank you, we were able to have a great SAFE day as a family thanks to you. I'll 

recommend you to my friends and family.

Adam W.

The van was exactly what we needed and i'm sure we will use your services again in the future. Thanks for working with us on times as well.

Kerilyn K.

Hey thank you!

Carl N.

Thanks it worked out great.

Elizabeth S.

Thank you! It was a Pleasure!

Richard D.

Thank you.

Mary S.

Thank you.

Victor T.

Thanks again so so much for


Lindie N.

If needed i will be happy to use

you again. Thanks!

Greg S.

Thank U.

Tina B.

Thank you very much for the

van, it was great.

Alice T.

Thank you.

Robert R.

Great, thanks.

Duncan H.

Thanks. Look forward to doing

business with you again.

Aieisia M.

Thank you so much, everything went great. I will be leaving a great review on Google and will do business again!

Joan S.

Thank you.

Karri H.

Thank you!

Stephen B.

Thanks. Great vehicle, Great Trip.

Guy R.

The van was great,

Thank you.

Jennifer R.

Perfect. Thank you!

Jose S.

Thank you.

Bruce B.

Thank you!

John S.

Thank you.

Elizabeth S.


Daniel T.


William M.

Great we may be using you again

next year. Thanks.

Andrew P.

Thank you!

Moses B.

Thank you.

Tracy S.

Thank you Lucien.

David B.

Thank you.

Daniel C.

Thank you.

Seth C.

Thank you very much!

Eugene J.

Ok thanks. Will keep you in mind for next time. Great service.

Diana K.

Thank You.

Jean P. S.

Thank you very much.

The van was perfect and the group had

a great time!

Jeffrey B.

Thank you. Have a good day.

John S.

You are welcome. See you next time.

Theresa B.

Thank you for the great van!

Robert R.

Ok thank you.

Ron H.

Thank you for your help and

the upgrade.

Sharon N.

Thank you...it was perfect for our trip!!

William W.

Thank you.