Trailer Hitch receiver packages are available on are 12 & 15 seat passenger vans.

​15-Seat Ford Transit T350 Passenger Van.


​15 seat mid top Ford Transit T350  passenger van.


Please call us for pricing and availability. Our extensive rental fleet includes the Lincoln MKC Turbocharged 5 seat all wheel drive SUV to the luxurious Mercedes Benz CLA Turbocharged 250 4Matic 5 seat sedan and or our Mercedes Benz E550 Twin Turbo four-seat convertible for specialty rentals. We also have a large fleet of 12 and 15 seat low top and mid top passenger vans. The 12 & 15 seat vans are perfect for family vacations, corporate events, wine tours, beer tours, sporting events and weddings and more. Call 315-466-1651.

12-Seat Ford Transit T350 Passenger Van.​


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